When parents separate and divorce, it creates a time of transition for the whole family. It is filled with a variety of emotions and needs for all of those experiencing it. Despite the changes, the members are still a family and each member must figure out how to move forward in this reorganized family. Parents are often looking for options to help them cope with the changes of today, and prepare for the needs of tomorrow.

The office of Jennifer Luise Champagne has a number of services to help families during separation, divorce and in the times following the dissolution of a marriage. The goal of this office is to help minimize the conflict as parents focus on their children and the future of their reorganized family. Mediation, parenting coordination, coparenting and collaborative divorce are options available to help parents and their children.

Co-Parenting Program
These services are designed for parents involved in a divorce action or parenting dispute and for those who have already been divorced or separated. Parents focus on effective communication and the skills needed to parent children in two separate homes.  Each service is tailored to the special needs of parents or intervening parties who have on-going issues with their parenting plans. Parenting, discipline and communication issues may be impacting their ability to care for their children and to relate with one another as co-parents.

The mediation program is for those parties interested in working out the details of their divorce in an amicable manner. It allows clients to maintain control over their own lives.  Parties are given an opportunity to work together for the benefit of their children, to make decisions and resolve issues that cloud their individual and co-parenting abilities, preventing them from focusing on the important task of parenting. Ms. Champagne offers co-mediation with highly trained non-adversarial professionals. These mediation options provide parents a team approach to guide them through the entire divorce process.

Collaborative Divorce
Jennifer Luise Champagne also offers collaborative divorce services, an interdisciplinary approach to an amicable divorce. Collaborative divorce focuses on the emotional, legal and financial aspects of a separation. It utilizes professionals in each field to provide the most effective resolution of issues. Ms. Champage offers divorce coaching, and works closely with the other disciplines to help the family through the divorce experience.

Ms. Champagne assists parents as they adjust to the changes within their family. Sessions emphasize child-focused parenting, minimizing conflict and techniques to shield children from adult information. This service is offered to educate and support parents so that the effects on children are diminished.

Parenting Coordination
Parenting Coordination is an option for high conflict families who have had significant challenges in communication and facilitating their parenting plan. It is designed to assist with the implementation of the parenting plan and as a means of resolving differences. 

Pathways to Positive Parenting
This abbreviated format of Parenting Coordination is designed to be a brief, focused commitment on the part of the parents to engage in a six-hour child focused dispute resolution program designed to transition them from the litigation forum to one of effective post judgment parenting. Much emphasis in the litigation process is placed on establishing the parental access plan and once established, judgment usually enters. However, for many families, the parental access plan remains a framework without adequate detail and nuance for every day implementation. The parents’ positioned litigation stances need to be redirected to ones of child focused problem solving.

This program is built around certain fundamentals of the full Parenting Coordination process: identification of the problems areas in implementation of the parenting plan for seamless execution and skill building for future successful resolution on their own. The areas are identified and explored in the earlier sessions and addressed with problem solving skill building techniques resulting in a set of useful guidelines and protocols for the parents to utilize. Please click here for more information about this service.

In addition to the above, Ms. Champagne specializes in domestic violence issues. She is available for consult regarding domestic violence and divorce related issues.
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